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List motywacyjny na stanowisko kucharza

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Human Resources Manager


100 Long Street


United Kingdom

Jan Kowalski

Kolorowa 10 Street

50-100 Warszawa

Mobile phone number: 123456789

Warszawa, 08 January 2015




Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you in order to apply for a job advertisement you posted on your firm's website last week. I would like to be a chef in your restaurant situated in London. I am sure I will be the best candidate for the vacancy.

I graduated Warsaw culinary school two years ago. After reaching my education, I worked for a huge and prestigious restaurant in polish capital. During few months spending there, I gained a big knowledge and experience about cooking. What is more, I ensure myself that this profession is ideal for me. Now I have been looking for a proper job. After I had read your advertisement, I knew that it might be appropriate post for me. I would be grateful to have the chance to take up it.

I would like to develop my skills and try new challenges. I believe cooperating with you, like a one of the most luxurious restaurant, could be a real adventure. Working for you could let me develop as a chef. Furthermore, it would be a great opportunity to know much more about culinary.

If we talk about me, cooking it is not only the way to get salary, but it is something more than form of earning money. I can claim that it is also my passion. I am self-motivated, well-organized and systematic, so I believe that I own the qualities required to be hired by you. All abilities that I do not have, I could achieve through in-house trainings. It would be a pleasure for me to get opportunity to learn how to prepare new dishes.

If you are interested in my application form, I can show references to confirm that I am good at cooking, highly skilled and experienced. If it is possible, I can also cook chosen of my specialties to taste them by you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

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