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Przykładowy schemat rozmowy kwalifikacyjnej

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Najczęstsze pytania zadawane podczas rozmowy z kandydatem i przykładowe, uniwersalne odpowiedzi.

A: Why would you like to cooperate with us?

B: I would like to work for you because I believe that you are one of the most prestigious company in the close area. What is more, I think that it is a great opportunity for me to develop myself and try to do something new. I am a person who likes challenges and in my opinion cooperating with you it would be a real challenge. Moreover, I could improve my skills and work new abilities. It is very important for me, because my aim is to increase my skills.

A: Describe me please your educational background

B: In …. (year of graduating school) I graduated … (name of school) secondary school in … (city/town). Then I made the decision to continue studying. I chose …. (kind of faculty). I studied the faculty five years. Next I got university diploma. I am Master of … (kind of graduating faculty). During studies I wanted to reach my knowledge, so I took part in a lot of courses and trainings which were organized by my university. Now I own diplomas confirming my participating in them. I realized that the most important for potential employer would be my experience and because of it I tried to get a placement. I worked like a volunteer in …… (name of organization/company).

A: What positive qualities of character do you have? Describe them and explain why these features

B: First of all, I think that I am well-organized person, who can do a lot of things at the same time. I am systematic and I am not lazy. I can work hard and I am good at solving problems. I can cope with stress and work under pressure of time, so I am not nervous. I believe that being well-organized is one of the most important qualities if we talk about cooperating with firm like your where everything can change from day to day. Secondly, I am self-motivated. Like I said, I would like to develop myself, so I know what it means to be hard-working. I am sure that being engaged is needed to be successful. Thirdly, I am open-minded. Nowadays it is very essential to have employee who is creative and clever. Being smart it is not only connected with owning a big knowledge and experience, but it also means that the person should have a lot of interesting and fresh ideas. In my opinion I can describe myself using this qualities.

A: Have you applied for any jobs? If yes, were you interviewed? How did it go?

B: Generally, I did not apply for any other jobs apart from yours. I hope I can check myself working for you. I do not want to change my still job for whichever. I thought about your company, because it could be a challenge for me and something new to try.

A: What are your responsibilities now?

B: Now I am responsible for communicating with customers and business partners. Furthermore, I must deal with every kind of problems in … .department (kind of your department). I run the… .department (kind of department). Moreover, I cooperate with a lot of different organizations in my work. I work closely with our foreign partners. Because of it I am sometimes obligated to travel a lot. What is more, I must speak foreign languages, especially English which is spoken by me fluently. In fact, I am in charge of my department what means that I do everything which is necessary.

A: What working conditions do you expect?

B: I would like to have full-time job. I am not interested in part-time job, because I have got family, so it is important for me to get higher salary. I would be grateful if I can have permanent job which does not finish after a fixed period of time. I am hard-working, like I said, so I can work normal working week, not less. I could arrive at work at about eight o’clock or earlier, it depends on you. Luckily, I do not get ill very much, so I am not going to be often off work. What is more, I would like to get salary not wage and conclude an agreement and get earnings as per agreement.


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